The Armory is where you can fuse materials to make equipment, as well as fuse units to make stronger ones.

Note: All unit and equipment fusions must first be researched in the Research Lab.

Unit FusionsEdit

Two max level units of the same rank can be combined to make a single unit of a higher rank.

The units used in the fusion are removed.

A unit's rank is it's # of stars plus the number of times it has been fused with itself. For example the 4* Raider is rank 4, the dual 4* Fast Raider is rank 5, and the quad 4* Scav Raider is rank 6.

Unit Fusion TimesEdit

Unit Rank Time
2 (Tier 2 Single) 30m
3 (Tier 3 Single) 1h
4 (Tier 4 Single, Tier 3 Dual) 3h
5 (Tier 5 Single, Tier 4 Dual, Tier 3 Quad) 12h
6 (Vanguard Single, Tier 5 Dual, Tier 4 Quad) 18h
7 (Vanguard Dual, Tier 5 Quad) 1d
8 (Vanguard Quad) ?15m?

Equipment FusionsEdit

You can use the components dropped from PVP battles to create equipment for your units.

Equipment Fusion TimesEdit

Equip Rank Time
One Star 15m
Two Stars 30m
Three Stars 1h
Four Stars 3h
Five Stars 12h