Cry Havoc takes place in a world torn asunder. Global protection agency HAVOC has been dealt a serious blow by the insurgent organization Shattered Sun. After destroying most if not all of HAVOC's aerial carriers and taking over key HAVOC locations, Shattered Sun looks like it has set itself up as a new global power.

However, one carrier has survived the purge, and they are bringing the fight to Shattered Sun.


HAVOC was founded to protect the world from terrorist threats, warlords and those seeking to do harm on a large scale. Using state of the art technology they created powerful weapons and war machines in a bid to keep the world safe.

Now HAVOC has been reduced to a single carrier. With dwindling resources, and Shattered Sun holding the power, it will be a fight to survive.

Notable Characters

Elia: Tech savy pilot of the HAVOC carrier. 

Darius: Gruff leader of HAVOC's ground forces. 

Shattered SunEdit

A shadowy organization, Shattered Sun wants to free the world of “tyrannical” governments. After operating in the shadows for years Shattered Sun has made a decisive strike, bringing down HAVOC and taking their technology.

Notable Characters 

Vargas: Leader of Shattered Sun.

Rezin: Second in command, Rezin is a skilled assassin.

Vile: Fascinated by the destructive force of fire, Vile considers himself a force of nature.